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Picture: Nathaniel Lawrence in court

Nathaniel Lawrence was taken to court  and confessed that he had gone away with the money the bank had lent him so Andy's father did not lose his money after all. 

Andy's father paid back the money he had borrowed from Squire Carter who was not very pleased because he really wanted to own Mr Grant's farm.

Andy was able to go to school and passed his exams. He went to college and then got a job in a firm called "Waterboats." 

He worked hard and soon became the deputy manager. The manager, Philip Jones thought he was a very good worker.                                                          

                                                                                              Picture:  Andy at desk - Conrad enters

Conrad did not work very hard. In fact he hardly bothered. At last his father said he really must apply for a job.

One day Andy came to work and found that his boss was not there. After a time a messenger arrived from the post office and handed him telegram. Andy opened it and it read. I AM NOT WELL TODAY STOP I AM DUE TO SEE SOMEONE SEEKING A JOB STOP

Andy sat down at his desk. "Please show the job seeker in as soon as he arrives." he said.

Fifteen minutes later there was a knock at the door. "Please come in." said Andy. The door opened and in walked Conrad Carter!

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There will be a new story starting next week.

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