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After a week Mark had a video call from the headmaster of the Aquanauts School.

Picture of headmaster on video screen.

"How are you Mark?" he said. "Well I feel I am almost better but I feel bored because I cannot go to Space School," said Mark.  Well I can understand that because your headmaster told me that you were an excellent student and that you were very keen. Now I promised to tell you a little about what we do here so you can decide if you want to come. Now some of our students want to be deep sea divers, some want to do scuba diving so they can study living things like the corals in the great barrier reef and some want to learn to talk to the dolphins.


As dolphins swim along they make clicks and we are trying to find out what they mean. Soon we may be able to talk to them.

Now I am  going to show you a video so you can see some of the things that we do. At the start of the video were some pictures of students learning to swim. Later it showed some second year students putting on scuba diving gear and swimming near the great barrier reef. There were corals of various different colours and a host of brightly coloured fishes. There was even a sea snake. The video explained t it was better to leave these alone because they are the most poisonous snakes in the world although they seemed very gentle and would probably never attack anyone unless the person attacked them first. Finally the video showed some dolphins. These were very intelligent and could even read words written in Chinese. Some students were sitting at their computers, trying to work out the meaning of the sounds that the dolphins were making.

Mark was fascinated. When can I start the aquanauts school?" he asked. You can come along in two week's time said the headmaster.
Picture of Michael and Mark

Two week's later Mark went with his parents to the rocket plane station. There they met Michael Jones who had decided to come too.  "How are you?" said Mark.  "As you can see I am able to walk and I am getting better every day.

I am able to swim quite well and they say that is good for me so I am looking forward to aquanauts school. It's really great that we can be together."

 The plane was so fast that it got to Australia in a few hours. When they arrived they were told to go to the special bus. This took them out to the sea plane that was to take them out to the school. When they could see the school the plane landed on the sea. All those who were going ashore, climbed into a rubber dingy.

Picture of Rocket plane                                                                                                              Picture of Sea Plane                     

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