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  Church Quiz answers 1. St. Josephs, 2. Old Parish Church, 3 St. Peters  4. St. Andrews Leckie 5. Peebles Evangelical Church. 


1. Hot water pouring over the edge of the sink.

2. water boiling over in the pan on the cooker.

3. Toast on fire.

4. Electric heater on the floor is standing in water. Its cover is broken.

5. Iron left switched on and steaming.

6. Smashed plate on the floor.

7. Matches on table.

8. Knife on edge of table

9. Kettle left boiling.

10. Tumbler on edge of table.

Now we have 3 things that someone might trip over

11 Skipping rope around table leg.

12. Mat under table has a corner rumpled and sticking out.

13.  Ironing board has a leg sticking out.


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