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David Livingstone 2 

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David decided to devote his life to the service of Jesus. This meant that he would help Jesus by becoming a missionary himself. He studied hard for seven years. He passed his exams to be a minister. But that was not all because he also passed his exams to be a doctor!



Then David listened to a talk by a missionary called Robert Moffat who had come back to Scotland from Africa. Robert said, "When I was in Africa I used to look around in the morning and I could see the smoke coming from all the villages around. There are thousands of villages like this and no missionary has been to them so they do not know about Jesus." David decided he would become a missionary and go to Africa.

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David told his parents that he wanted to go to Africa. They were pleased that he would go there to serve God but they were very sad to think that they would not see him for a very long time. If a missionary goes to Africa today they will probably go by plane. The plane fare is expensive but the missionary will be able to come home, perhaps every year or every two years. David travelled to Africa by ship and it would be very difficult to return.

On the night before David left he did not go to bed but sat talking to his parents. In the early morning they all prayed. David's father walked with him for a while and then David left.

When David arrived in Africa he decided to go and see the place where Dr Moffat had been working. This was a long difficult journey of 700miles. When David got there he started telling people about Jesus. But he did something else as well. He was also a doctor and he was able to treat people who were ill. When they saw sick people getting better, the people there thought that David was a wizard with very powerful magic.     Tree ferns


picture of tree ferns 

 David was interested in the plants and animals that lived there. There were some of these that the people in Britain had never seen before so he sent some plants back to London so that Botanists could look at them.

The picture shows some tree ferns. There are not many of these living now. There are none in Britain but there are some in Africa.  There were many, many of these in the time of the dinosaurs.


 David did spend a lot of time telling people about Jesus but there were two other things that he was concerned about.

There are a lot of diseases in Africa which do not occur in Britain because it is colder here. David studied these and tried to think of ways that they could be prevented or cured.

He was concerned about slavery. There were already laws in Britain which said that there were to be no slaves here but Africans sometimes sold their own people into slavery. David knew that this was partly because the people of Africa were very poor and were sometimes short of food. If someone was sold as a slave they would be taken away and there would be more food left for others.

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