Barnardo 1 Crossword Answers


1across. Thomas Barnardo wanted to be a medical __    2down. He wanted to go to the country of ___ 

3 down. He went to a hospital to learn to be a ________

4 down He wanted to tell people about _____

5 across.  As a doctor he wanted to help  people who were _______

6 down.  He was living in the city of __________

7 across. He was worried about the _________ who were begging for money.

8 down.  Many of them did not have _______ to live in.

9 across. Thomas and his friends opened a ______

for the children.

10 across. They wanted to teach the children to ____

11 down. The children's clothes were worn out and torn so people said this was a __________ school.


12 down. One day, a boy called _______ Jarvis asked to stay with Thomas.

13 across. He showed Thomas that some of his friends were hiding under the _________ of railway bridges.

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