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Elisha-Second-Story-puzzle answers. 

The clues are in groups of two or three.  There are dashes to show the number of letters in the answers. One of the dashes is red. In any group, the red dashes should be replaced by the same letter.


Words you will need: baby, bed,  bed, breathed, boy, died, donkey,Elisha, eyes ,father, Gehazi, God, head, husband, midday, mother, prayed, room,seat, servant, Shunem, sneezed,stick, , table, warm, year.

Group 1 Clues.

The name of the man in the story Elisha The place he met the lady Shunem.


Group 2 Clues

The lady knew Elisha was a man of God   She asked her husband to make a room for him.


Group 3 Clues.

In the room they put a bed a table, a lamp and a seat.


Group 4 Clues

Elisha told the woman she would have a baby and he would be born next year.

Next year a boy was born


Group 5 Clues

When he was old enough he went with his father  to see the reapers.

He suddenly called out "My head.

His father asked a servant to take the boy to his mother.


Group 6 Clues.

The boy sat on her lap until midday and he died

The mother laid him on a bed .  She asked her husband to bring her a donkey to ride to Elisha. 


Group 7 Clues.

Elisha asked his servant Gehazi  to put his stick on the boy' s face.


Group 8 Clues.

Elisha and his servant prayed to God.

Then Elisha lay on the boy until his body became warm. He then breathed into the boy's mouth.


Group 9 Clues.

The boy sneezed and opened his eyes.


Group 10 Clues

Then the boy walked out of the room with his mother.


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