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Gladys thought that there might be another way to get there. If she could save a bit more money she might be able to travel there by train. She managed to get some extra work and in time she had enough money to buy a third class ticket by train to China.

map of uk. Europe. Russia. China and Japan. 

 This was a very brave thing to do. No one else would have thought of going to China by train. Everyone travelled by ship. She would have to travel across Russia and her friends told her that it would be difficult and dangerous. She went to Liverpool Street station in London and got on the train.

The train took her to a port in the South East of England and then she made a short trip on a ship to the continent. She then took another train. She had to change to yet another train to take her across Russia.

Picture of a train. 

gladys 2(ii).mp3

She had only a third class ticket and this meant that her compartment was not very comfortable. It is thousands of miles across Russia to China and the journey took weeks, When she got near to the border with China the train stopped and did not move forwards or backwards. Russian soldiers were fighting Chinese soldiers. She had to get out of the train and walk back along the railway carrying her bags. She was in Siberia and it was winter time. Siberia is one of the coldest places in the world. When it was dark she lay down and pulled her bags on top of her so she would not freeze to death. During the night she heard the barking of wolves. 


 The next day she walked on and on. She walked until evening when she reached a town.

Gladys knew she could not get across the border into China so she had to go by ship from Vladivostok to Japan. Then she sailed on another ship to Tientsin in China. 

               Map of route to Japan and then China.                                                          Picture of Chinese junk


 When she got there she had to get on a Chinese train and then a bus. When she got off the bus she still had not got there. She had to ride on a mule and travel into the mountains. At last she arrived at Yangchen and met Jeannie Lawson.

 Picture of bus                                                                                                                                            Picture of mule

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