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Jeannie Lawson was the only white person that the people of Yangchen knew so when Gladys arrived that made 2 white people. The people of Yangchen were frightened of them.

Jeannie and Gladys began to think about how they could get people to sit down and talk to them. The house where they were living had been an Inn. Caravans of mules came through the mountains carrying goods. Perhaps they could get people from these caravans to stay there.

They first got some food for people to eat and some food for mules to eat.

The next time a mule caravan came near, Gladys rushed out and grabbed the rein of the first mule and turned it into the courtyard of the Inn. The mule knew that when it was taken into a courtyard there would be food so it was very pleased to go in. The other mules followed and the people with the mules had to come too.

Gladys and Jeannie told the men that they would like them to stay the night. The men would have food and warm beds. There was food for the mules too. The men did not have to pay very much for staying at the Inn.

In the evening Gladys and Jeannie talked to the men and told them stories about Jesus.

When the men went away they told others that they could stay at the Inn and that there was food for them and food for mules too. When other caravans came that way they often went to the Inn for the night. In the evenings Gladys and Jeannie talked to them about Jesus and about God. Some of them became Christians. As the men went on to other places they met other people and told them about Jesus and about God.

When she first arrived, Gladys knew very little about the Chinese language so she had to spend time learning it.

One day Jeannie had a bad fall. Gladys did her best to look after her but after a few days Jeannie died. Gladys had to run the Inn herself now. The only person she had to help her was a Chinese cook called Yang who was already a Christian.

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