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Gladys Aylward 6

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 Now a little earlier the Japanese had attacked China so Japan and China were at war. The Japanese were winning and their armies conquered more and more of China.

As the Japanese armies moved forward some of the Chinese people decided to flee. These people were now refugees and they began to arrive at the city gates.

Soon Japanese aircraft flew over and dropped bombs. A lot of people were killed

   Map of Japanese invasion                                                     Picture of aircraft dropping bombs


The Mandarin said that it was so dangerous that the people should get away into the mountains and live in caves. When the Japanese were driven out they could return to their homes.

At this time the Mandarin was thinking what a good person Gladys was and he knew that this was because she was a Christian. He decided to become a Christian himself.

The Mandarin did not know what to do about the prisoners in the Jail. The Chinese custom was that if an enemy came near to the jail the prisoners should all be killed.

Picture showing the prisoners in the jail. 


The Mandarin asked Gladys what she thought he should do. She suggested a plan. The prisoners were let out but they promised to behave. Their relatives put money into a bond. If the prisoners had behaved then the money would be given back at the end of the war. If they had not behaved then the relatives would not get their money back.

Many soldiers, who had been wounded in the fighting came to the inn and Gladys did her best to look after them. More and more orphan children came to Gladys until she was looking after over 100 of them.

Picture of Gladys with some of the children.

Then she was told that the Japanese army was very close and would arrive soon. She decided to take the children and go to the province of Sian where they would be safe.

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