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The next day Harry set out for school. As he walked along he was thinking about what had happened the day before. He hoped that his teacher did not really believe that he had been cheating. As he got nearer the school he started looking on the bright side. Today's exam was Latin and he hoped that he could do well in this day's exam.

He decided that he would ask to change places so he was not sitting next to Eggerton.  When he went into the exam room he saw that the teacher looking after the first part of the exam was Mr Brown. "Do you mind if I change my seat," asked Harry.

Now Mr Brown did not know what had happened the day before and said, "Why do you want to do that ?"
"Well, I would just like a change," said Harry.

Mr Brown looked puzzled, "I do not understandyou, Harry," he said, " Unless you have a better answer than that you must stay in your present seat. You are usually a sensible boy. You know that before the exams it was decided where everyone would sit. "

Harry reluctantly went over to his seat and sat down. Once more Eggerton sat in the seat next to him and once more Harry could see that he had a book on his knee. Harry thought that this was a translation from Latin into English. The pupils used  these translations in their lessons but of course they were not allowed to bring them into the exam room.

He knew he must not look in Eggerton's direction again so he kept his eyes glued to his work. The paper was quite difficult  but he still felt that he could do quite well.

After an hour the door opened and Mr pritchard came in to take over from Mr Brown who went out. Mr Pritchard slowly walked over to where Harry and Eggerton were sitting. Harry could not help hoping that Eggerton would get caught with the book on his knee.

Mr Pritchard glanced down at Harry's desk and then looked down. He had seen something on the ledge just below the desk top. "Give me that book!" he said sternly. Harry picked it up and saw that it was a translation from Latin into English. He had such a fright he could hardly speak. At last he managed to say, "Sir, it isn't my b - b - b- book."
Mr Pritchard looked at it for a moment, "Whose name do I see here?" he asked.

Harry looked at the book and was horrified to see that his own name was on it. He almost shouted, Sir! It isn't my book!

"Stay behind after the exam," said Mr Pritchard, and walked away, carrying the book. When Mr Pritchard looked away, Harry made one quick glance at Eggerton who no longer had the book on his knee. He must have pushed the book onto the ledge of Harry's desk when he saw Mr Pritchard coming.

At the end of the exam Mr Pritchard collected Harry's paper. 

As they went out of the room, some of the other boys were saying, "Cheat! Cheat."

"Well Campbell," said Mr Pritchard. "What do you have to say for yourself?  Yesterday I caught you trying to copy from Eggerton and today I have caught you with a book that you should never have brought into the exam room.  You have had good marks all the year. Did you get those by cheating?  If you did, I hope you are proud of yourself."

Harry's face went bright red and he was almost in tears.  This made Mr Pritchard even more sure that he was guilty.

"Sir, I did not try to copy and it was not my book," Harry sobbed. 

"It has your name in it!" said Mr Pritchard. You are making things much worse for yourself by telling lies. Tomorrow I will take you to Dr Palmer, the Headmaster.

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