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                    The Healing of the Official's Son.

The picture below: "Jesus healing the sick", is taken from the Bible Picture Gallery.

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Jesus went to a festival  in Jerusalem and when he was there he did many miracles and healed many people who were sick. After that he went to the land of Galilee.


Many of the people of Galilee had been to the festival so they were pleased to see Jesus again and they welcomed him.

One of the people, who heard that Jesus had come, was a very important man. He was an officer of the King. He knew about the miracles that Jesus had done.

The man was very worried because his little boy was so very ill. The boy had a fever. This meant that he was very hot and felt very shivery. Nowadays doctors can cure fevers with medicine but in those days there was nothing anyone could do.

 Sometimes people with fevers got better but sometimes they died. This boy was very ill indeed and his father was sure he would die. He went to Jesus and begged him to go to the boy and make him well. He said,"Please come to him before he dies."

Jesus said,"Go back home. Your boy will live."

As he was walking home his servants came and met him.  "Your boy is better and he is going to live," they said.

"When did he start to get better?" he asked.  "Yesterday, at one o'clock in the afternoon the fever went away," they told him.` The man remembered that this was the exact time when Jesus said to him,"Your son will live."  He then believed in Jesus. All the people in his house did too.

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