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The Healing by the pool Puzzle: Answers

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Jesus went to the city of J E R U S A L E M 

He came to a P O O L near the sheep market.


Second pair of clues:

A lot of S I C K people were gathered around the pool.

Most of the time the water was S T I L L

Third pair

Sometimes the water started M O V I N G

Some people thought that an A N G E L made it move.

4th pair.

They thought that the F I R S T person into the water would be cured.

This meant that there was a R A C E to get into the water.

5th pair

Jesus spoke to a man who had been a cripple for 38 years and asked him if he wanted to get B E T T E R

The man said, "Someone else always gets into the water B E F O R E me."

 6th pair

Jesus said,"Rise to your F E E T, take up your bed and walk."

The man got up, rolled up his M A T and carried it away.

7th pair

This happened on the S A B B A T H  day.

That is the seventh day of the week which is S A T U R D A Y.

8th pair

The Jews said, "You are not A L L O W E D to carry your mat on the sabbath day.

The man said, "The man who H E A L E D me said, 'Take up your bed and walk'.

9th pair

The Jews told Jesus it was W R O N G to heal people on the sabbath day.

Jesus said, "God is my Father and he does not stop W OR K I N G

on the sabbath day and neither do I.

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