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The healing of the official's son crossword.

  The clues are not in order but they are arranged so that each clue is near to the answer. If you want to jot down the answers on paper it is probably best to do section B first, then section A and section C.  If you want to do it an easier way you can go on to the next pages which let you do the clues, one at a time.  

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Section A

 4 down: An important man came to see Jesus. He was an _________ who served the king.


5 across: The man was very worried about his little _______.

6. across: The boy was very hot and shivery because he had a _______.

 Section B

1 across: When this story happened Jesus was in a part of the country that was called _______

2 down: The people who lived there ___________ Jesus.

3 across: They did this because they had heard that Jesus had done many ________.


 Section C

7 down: The man asked Jesus to heal his son. Jesus said, "Go home. Your child will ________.

8 down: When the man was on the way ______ his servants came and met him.

9 across They told him that his boy was ________.

10 across: The man asked what ____ the boy began to get better.

11 across: The servants said that the fever left the boy at _______ o'clock in the afternoon. This was the time that Jesus had said, "Go home. Your boy will live."

9 down: Because of this, the man came to _________ believe in Jesus. 

12 across All the people who lived in his __________ came to believe in Jesus too.

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