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How to hear sounds.

To start hearing the story simply click the sound file.  Media player will start but the pictures in the story will be covered up by a pattern like that on the right.


Before getting rid of the pattern make sure that the "repeat" is turned off. The symbol is shown as "1" It should not be illuminated. If you move the cursor over it, it will tell you if it needs to be turned off.  At "2"  the || pause sign should be showing.  If the arrow is showing you need to click this to start the sound.

The next picture shows the bar along the top. Click the  underscore _ sign. This will minimise media player so you can see the pictures in the story. If the "X" is clicked this will close media player.



When you have finished listening to the story you need to switch off media player.  Right click the media player button on the bar at the bottom of the page and select "close."

 Alternatively, if you left click the button,the media screen will maximise and you can close it by clicking the "X" button in the top right hand corner.

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