Mary Slessor 5 puzzle Answers.

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1 The first Mission station that Mary went to was in a place called Duke Town.

Mary told the people that they did not need to be afraid of jujus and evil spirits.


2 She also told them that if a chief died it was wrong to kill other people


3 Mary showed them that if they kept their knives, forks and spoons clean, this would often stop people becoming ill.


4 In hot countries there are diseases like malaria and sometimes Mary became very ill herself.


5 Mary travelled back to Scotland on furlough. This is a holiday.


6 Mary was sent to Old Town where she met King Eyo


7 There was a tribe called the Okonyong. Mary wanted to go and talk to them.


8 King Eyo and her other friends were very worried because the Okonyong were a very fierce tribe and they thought that if May went up river she would be killed.


9 King Eyo sent Mary up river in his own Royal canoe. There were twenty paddlers.


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