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Mary Slessor 6 Puzzle answers.

Write down the missing words. For each set of clues the letter represented by the coloured dash is the same.

1. As the men paddled the canoe up the river they were very fright e n e d because they thought that their enemies might be hiding in the b u s h e s


2. They were afraid that their enemies might come out and a t t  c k  them but Mary told them to keep on p a d d l i n g.


3.The village c h i e f said that Mary could  l i  v e in the village.


5. He said that Mary could t e a c h the people and build a s c h o o l.


6. Mary saw that there were many things that were very w r o n g and she wanted people to know that Jesus l o v e d them.


7. One day Mary saw men  d a n c i n g around and getting ready to  f i g h t.


8. They said to Mary, "We will not   a l k to them because if anyone h u n  t s on our land this means war."


9. The two a r m i e s moved towards each other and it looked as if there would be a  b a t t l e.


10. Mary a l k e d  between them and they shouted at her and told her to get out of the w a y.


11. When Mary would not m o v e they decided to talk to each other and then they went h o m e

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