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The Building of Mary Slessor's House

Mary wanted a house and a ____ where there could be ______ Services. She asked the people to help and they said they would.  Mary's house was built from ____  trunks, mud, and mats made from

____-tree branches. 

They first found four trees which had _-shaped branches at the top. They cut these down and then drove them into the ground. They laid other tree ______ across them to make the _____  of the house.

Pieces of bamboo were woven together and covered with palm mats to make the ____. The house did not have any doors or ________ but someone turned up to help

  An advertisement for a __________ was put in a paper called the _________ Record

Charles _____ had a friend who told him about this and he sailed to _______ to help Mary.

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