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Mary Slessor 7

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Picture of twins 

 When some children were born they were not wanted and they were not looked after. If twins were born the people thought that this was very strange and that it must have been caused by witchcraft and the children were not looked after. At that time some people were slaves and if a slave woman had a baby the child was not looked after either. 

Mary tried to rescue all these children and she would look after them as if they were her own children. Mary wanted to teach the people that God loves all children and that means that he loves children who are twins. One day Mary got a message that said "a village chief is ill. Please come and see if you can save his life."

Mary knew that she would have to walk for about 8 hours to get there and the rain was pouring down. Mary set out. When she arrived she found that the people of the village thought that the chief would soon die.


They thought that if the chief died and went into the next world he would need servants. They got a number of people and said that when the chief died these people would be killed and their souls would go into the next world and become the chief's servants.

Mary knew that if she could save the life of the chief she could save the lives of a lot of other people too. She did not wait to take off her wet clothes but she gave him some medicine and did all she could to help. Next she asked someone to go to Calabar and collect more medicine. The chief got better and he was very grateful to Mary. He said she could hold Church Services and tell the people about Jesus. The people said they would like to trade with the people at Calabar. They asked Mary to promise to be their mother. 

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