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When the commandant arrived with his soldiers the crowd stopped beating Paul. The commandant thought that perhaps Paul had been making trouble so he ordered his soldiers to arrest him. They put 2 chains on him so he could not get away.  He asked the crowd who the man was and what he had been doing. Some people in the crowd shouted one thing and some shouted another.  There was so much noise that the commandant could not hear any of them properly so he decided to take Paul back to the barracks where the soldiers lived.

As they went there the whole crowd followed them and kept on yelling, "Kill him!"


Paul asked the commandant for permission to speak to the people and he was allowed to do this. They listened to him at first.  He said, "I am a Jew like you. I used to persecute the followers of Jesus and put them in prison. As I was travelling to Damascus a great light flashed from the sky and I fell to the ground. I heard a voice saying "Saul! Saul! Why are you persecuting me. I said, 'Tell me who you are.'   'I am Jesus of Nazareth whom you are persecuting,' He said.  When I got up from the ground I was blind and could not see. A follower of Jesus came to me and helped me to see again. Later when I  was praying in the temple in Jerusalem I fell into a trance and saw Jesus there speaking to me. He said, 'The Jews will not believe what you say about me. I want you to go to the gentiles.'"

The crowd were very angry and would not listen to him any more. They shouted, "Down with him!  A scoundrel like that is better dead"

Paul was taken to the barracks and his enemies could not get to him. They made a plot but Paul's nephew heard about it.



 The plotters went to the chief priests and elders and said.,"We intend to kill Paul but we cannot get hold of him because the Romans have him and he is guarded.  What we want you to do is this.  Ask the Roman commandant to bring Paul to you. Tell him you want to talk to him and find out what he has done.

While he is on the way we will lay an ambush.  We will hide near the side of the road and as Paul comes along we will rush out and kill him."


Paul's nephew heard what they were going to

do so he went to the barracks and asked to

see Paul.


Paul called to one of the Centurions and

said,"Take this young man to the commandant.

He has something to report."

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The Story of St Paul is in the book of acts.

Click ACTS on the black  bar.below. There you will find an index to all the pages about Paul

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