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Later Bill, the policeman, called to see his brother Edward Carrisford and Margaret, Edward's wife. "You remember how you told me about the girl who was given the sixpence. You will never guess what she did with it. She went into the bread shop and bought eight buns and then she gave six of them to a little girl who was begging outside. "

"Now said Margaret, "You can probably give me the answer to the thing that is puzzling me. When I looked at her clothes I thought she was a beggar. Her face looked thin but she did not have the look of a beggar. It was as if she would never give up hope. The other thing is that I do not think that a beggar would refuse to take sixpence the first time it was offered to her."

"She is a kind of servant at the seminary," said Bill. "I don't believe she belongs to anybody. I believe she is an orphan. But she is not a beggar, however shabby she looks."

"You know,"said Edward Carrisford., "I would like to do something to help that girl. It would make me feel better."

"Are you still worried about what happened?"said Bill. "Yes." said Edward.

"Now listen Edward,"said Bill. "It was not your fault. You and your friend Captain Crewe bought a diamond mine. . You both thought that no diamonds had been found and you both became ill. You were taken into hospital because you were so ill and you did not know what you were doing. When you recovered you found that Captain Crewe was dead. 

Now we know that he had a daughter, a little girl and we will do our best to find her. We are doing all we can so please do not worry."

"But I would like to help the girl at the school," said Edward. "I think I will send her a hamper of food and a nice scarf to wear."

So a parcel was sent off but neither, Bill, Edward or Margaret knew that Sara was the girl they were looking for.

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