Back to page 6                  Chapter 7 The Diamond mines.

Not very long after this a very exciting thing happened.  Sara's father, Captain Crewe had written to her and told a most interesting story. 

A man called to see him. Captain Crewe recognised him. He was a friend that he had been to school with. The friend owned a large tract of land and diamonds had been found there.  He wanted to start mining the diamonds but he needed some money to get the mine started. If all went well he would be very, very rich indeed. Captain Crewe said that he would become a partner and  provide some of the money and he expected to be very rich too.

 Sara told some of her friends. They were all very excited. They could just imagine men digging out long dark tunnels. They imagined the tunnel walls being covered in diamonds and diamond rings and bracelets being sent back to Sara.

Lavinia was very spiteful and told Jessie that she did not believe that such things as diamond mines existed. "My mother has a diamond ring which cost forty pounds,"she said. "And it is not a big one, either. If there were mines full of diamonds, people would be so rich it would be ridiculous."

"Perhaps Sara will be so rich she will be ridiculous," giggled Jessie.

"She's ridiculous without being rich,"said Lavinia."

"I believe you hate her,"said Jessie.

"No, I don't," snapped Lavinia. "But I don't believe in mines full of diamonds."

"Well people have to get them from somewhere." said Jessie.

When Sara was nearly eleven years old she received a letter from her father.  


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