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When Mark had eaten his lunch he was asked to go and see Mr Jones. Mr Jones switched on the video phone and the doctor appeared.

 " Now Mark," he said, "If you are willing to go to the space station I think that we can make this treatment much shorter.  What I am going to tell you may seem very scarey but there is no danger.  We have bred a spider which will spin a web over wounds so that they heal very much more quickly.  We will not need to take near as much skin from you because once we have given it to Philip, the spider's web will make the skin cells grow and multiply very quickly.  We can then put a spider on you and your skin will grow back much more quickly.  Now we will only do this if you agree."

Mark looked at Mr Jones as if to ask what he thought.




 "Now, as Dr Grey says, he will not do this if you do not want it but I have known him for a long time and he is a very good doctor. I would certainly trust him. There is another reason for doing this because you will be learning about how doctors work in space. I would really like all my space school students to find out about this."

"Very well," said Mark, "I will go."

3 days later Mark and Philip were taken to the space shuttle. Mark could hardly believe his eyes. The shuttle was attached to a huge airship.

"We are going to use a new method of getting into space," said the pilot.

The shuttle is attached to this airship which is filled with helium. Helium is much lighter than air. The airship will take the shuttle almost to the top of the atmosphere.

Philip was carried on board the shuttle on a stretcher and then Mark walked on board. The airship began to rise.

When they had been carried high up in the atmosphere the shuttle was released.

It glided downwards for a short time so it was not near to the airship. Then the space shuttle fired its rocket motor and they rose quickly into space. 

 Picture:Space shuttle glides away from the airship       Picture: Space shuttle fires rocket motor.

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