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 Mark's mini computer sounded its ring tone. He pressed a button.
 Picture of Philip in bed    It was Philip  How are you?" he asked. "Fine," said Mark.

"I have been really worried about you because I caused you all this trouble,"said Philip, "but they would not let me use my mini computer to call you before now."  "And how are you?" said Mark.  "They say I am doing very well," said Philip but I cannot stand this spider. It tickles and tickles."  

Picture of Philip lying down      

  Mark tightened the belt which held him to the bed. His mini computer started showing a picture taken by the space capsule's cameras.

There were 2 guns on the outside of the space station. These turned round and started firing at the piece of rock. As they fired the whole space station began to shake. The piece of rock was blown to pieces but one or two small bits did hit the space station and there was a tremendous noise, like hail stones on a tin roof.A few minutes later the doctor came in. "Are you O.K?" he asked.



Suddenly the alarm went off and an announcement came from the space capsule controller. "Emergency! Make sure you are fastened down. A piece of rock is coming towards the space station. "

Space station firing guns. 

"I'm fine but why was there all that shaking?" said Mark. "That is due to the recoil of the gun. If you have ever fired a shot gun you will know that you need to hold it hard in against your shoulder. Every time you fire the gun it presses hard against your shoulder. When the charge explodes it pushes the bullet out and the gun against your shoulder and that can be painful? In this case the bullets , which are like ball bearings are fired at the piece of rock but the guns press against the space station and make it shake. We are now slightly off our path of orbiting the earth and we will have to fire our small rockets to put that right."

A few minutes later Mark's mini computer gave its ring tone for the second time.

It was Michael Jones. "How are you," said Mark.?" "I'm feeling really excited", said Michael. They have said I can come up to the space station and they think that they can make me walk again. I might even be able to join you at space school if they can make me fully better." That's great news!" said Mark. Michael had always been very brave and cheerful and Mark really, really wanted him to get better.  Michael in bed
"When will you come up?" he asked. "Well they cannot take more than two patients on the space station at once," he said.
"So when you come back to earth I will be taken up."

Picture of Michael in bed 


 Mark was disappointed that they would not spend some time together but then he thought of an idea.

"You have been my buddy and sent me messages while I have been in bed.
Could I do that for you when you are in the space station."  I would be very pleased if you would," said Michael.
 "And of course I wish you the very best of luck," said Mark.

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