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After a few days, Mark was feeling very much better and the Space Doctor said he was well enough to return to earth. " We will send you back on a special space ambulance. This will make sure that you do not have a hard landing on earth."  When the space ambulance arrived Mark could see that it was a helicopter but it also had a rocket motor. The pilot came on board the space station and spoke to Mark.

                                                                                                    Picture of Space ambulance

 "Your return to earth will be in three stages," he said, "First the rocket motor will be fired to start you moving towards earth. Later it will be fired again to slow you down as you come into the earth's atmosphere. As you move down through the air the helicopter's rotor will be started and you will be put down gently on the ground. " 

Picture of Philip

Just as Mark was getting ready to leave, his mini computer sounded it ring tone. When he answered it a picture of Philip appeared

 "I just rang to wish you luck, he said.  How are you feeling?"  

 "I am very much better," said Mark.   "I will be going home for a while but I hope to get back to Space school next term.  How are you?"

"They say I might be able to go home next week," said Philip." Thank you for all you have done."

Mark went into the space ambulance.  He lay down on the bed and strapped himself in.  He heard the rocket fire and then there was silence. Then it fired again.

It stopped once more and then there was the sound of the rotors turning.  After a time it landed gently on the ground.   Mark felt as if he had become very heavy. He knew it would be difficult to get used to the earth's gravity again.  When he got out he saw that his father and brother were waiting for him. 

 "Well done," said his father. "You have been very brave and you have helped Philip, even when he behaved very badly to you. Your mother is just recovering from the flu so she did not come with me. I know she can hardly wait to see you again."  Then Mark saw someone else. It was Michael Jones. "I am just about to get into that space ambulance," he said "The doctor says he is almost sure that they can make me walk again so I might be seeing you at space school."

Picture of father +brother                                                                                                                                                                                    Picture of Michael

 "Good luck!" said Mark.  Now it is my turn to be your Buddy while you are  up there so I will send you messages. You will see me and hear from me again soon."

As Michael got into the space ambulance he waved goodbye.  Mark was pleased to be back with his family but he hoped he could go back to space school again next term. 

It would be awful if he could not go back.

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 Mark has a message from Space School.

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