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Picture of Mark with the doctor. 

When Mark got back to earth from the space station his doctor told him that he must rest. "Now Mark," he said. "You are one of the first people ever to have an operation done on a space station. 

I am hoping that means that you will be able to get better more quickly than most people would but I cannot say for certain."

Mark was not able to do anything but be lazy and he did not like it. He wished he could be back with his friends at space school. 



                                                                                                                                Picture of Michael Jones


Sometimes he used to pick up the video phone and talk to Michael Jones on the space station. Michael had been paralysed and he had also had an operation on the space station.  When he was brought back to earth he found that he could move his legs and his doctor thought that he would soon be walking again.


Soon it was time for the new term to start at Space School and Mark hoped he would be able to go back but his doctor said,"No Mark. You are not ready to go back yet. You are certainly getting better but it is taking a bit longer than I thought it would." Mark really began to feel down in the dumps. A month later Mark had a video call from Mr Jones.

picture of Mr Jones

 "Now I know that you will be very disappointed and I'm very sorry but I'm afraid you will not be able to go back to space school until next year.  I have talked to all the people who have been teaching you. They all say that they would like to help but you've missed too much."

 "I understand," said Mark but I hope I will be able to come back next year." "Your doctor says that you will be completely better by then," said Mr Jones. "In that case you will be coming back. We will all be pleased to see you again." "How is Michael?" said Mark.  "He is walking about now and I'm very pleased."
"Now there is something else that you might like to do for the next few months. There's a friend of mine who is headmaster of a school for aquanauts in Australia.  The pupils are taught to swim and dive. At the moment they are studying the Great Barrier Reef that goes all the way round Australia.  The headmaster would let you go there for a time.

 He would not expect you to work very hard and the swimming would probably do you good. Michael's doctor says he is well enough to go there and I know that you have become good friends." YES! YES! YES!" said Mark. "That would be great but I'll have to ask dad." "I've already done that," said Mr Jones and your father has given his permission." "Now someone will call you from the aquanauts school and you can make up your mind if you really want to go."  

Mark goes to Aquanauts School

If you want to read about Mark at Space School click First episode or Episode 18 for episode before this

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