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Mark was told to sit at the computer work station. 

 After a few minutes the computer spoke, "You are to type out a punishment exercise and answer some questions on it."

Mark had to type out, "At this school no one is allowed to fight. You must learn not to quarrel with each other. If the crew of a spaceship fight or quarrel with each other this could be very dangerous. Everyone could lose their lives. You must learn to get on well with each other."


Picture of computer 

"Well", Mark thought, "If that is all I have to copy out that is not too bad," but then the computer asked him a lot of questions and he had to type in the answers.

 "Why is it important not to fight in a spaceship?"

"Because there could be an accident and something might be damaged."

"What is the worst thing that could happen?" "We might all lose our lives."

When Mark was getting really fed up the computer said, "That’s all Mark. Now remember. You must never fight! You can go now."

 There was a knock on the door and two boys stood there. One of them said "I am James and this is Calum. We would like you to come and share our study room with us."

"That is very good of you, said Mark, "but I thought I was to share with just one other boy."


  "You were." said Calum. "You were to share with Philip."

 "We were standing beside you when the fight started and we told Mr Jones it was not your fault.

He said that you would still be punished but he asked us if we would have you with us. He did not want you sharing a room with Philip."

"Thank you," said Mark. I am very pleased I do not have to share with him."

"Now," said James, " We have had some supper sent up for us. Let’s see what is . Good gracious! It says ‘ algae cakes.’" "But algae are those green slimy plants that grow on the inside of fish tanks!" said Calum.


Picture of James, Calum and Mark 


Picture of cakes made from algae


"They grow them in huge tanks on spaceships that are on long journeys," said Mark. "As they grow they purify the air and make more oxygen. If we go into space we might be eating them for months." "Well that does not sound delicious," said James. "I wonder if they have added flavour ."

 "Well let’s have a look," said Calum. It says we have to put the whole pack in the microwave for three minutes and it says, ‘Don’t forget to eat the plate as well!' It is made out of food too.’"

"I’ve often wondered if spacemen washed the dishes or if there was a dish washer in a spaceship." said Mark, " Now we know the answer." The three boys laughed.



"I wonder which tastes better," said James, "The roast algae or the plate."

Let’s find out," said Mark." Both the roast algae and the plate tasted delicious!

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