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Mark looked at the map. He saw that the school was near to Inverness in the North of Scotland. The next thing he had to do was to write down all the towns between Peebles and Inverness and the numbers of the roads in between.


 He put all of this into his computer and then typed in "make a directions card". He pressed the ENTER KEY.

Two minutes later the computer printed out a special card, rather like a credit card. On it were the words "Journey to New Glen Space School. Time of starting 8.00 on 30th November 2504. Time of arrival should be 12.05 the same day."


He was going to arrive at his new school on St. Andrews day! That should be a good start.


  Mark walked across to Philip’s house. "Good morning Philip", he said.

"What’s good about it?" said Philip. "I have to travel all the way with you."

"Don’t let us be nasty to each other," said Mark. "I have brought my directions card. Perhaps we can put it in your computer and make sure that it is the same as yours. That means we can be sure there are no mistakes."

"I did not make any mistakes," said Philip. There is no need to use your card at all. I am sure you have made a mess of it."

 The two boys got into the electric car and Philip put his directions card into the computer. He pressed a button and they set off. If the directions card was right the car should take them all the way to school without anyone having to drive it.

"We seem to be going the wrong way," said Mark. "We are going through Walkerburn and we should be going towards Edinburgh." "Shut up," said Philip.

"We must be going this way because there are not so many cars on this road."

The next town they reached was Selkirk. "This cannot be the right way!" said Mark. "It is the right way" said Philip.

Mark became more and more worried. Some time later the car stopped and its radio turned on by itself.

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