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Space Story part 16

" I have just got a new program on my minicomputer," said Mark. "It's job is to track down little bits of information that the main search engines cannot find. Now first we need to put in as much as we know: the name of the space station, the name of the space capsule, where it was launched from and the date.

Michael could remember all of these things clearly. Mark typed them all into his minicomputer and clicked SEARCH. Within a few seconds a message came up. FOUND IT.          


Mark clicked YES and a girl answered. "This is Deimos. " Mark was puzzled. Deimos is one of the two moons of Mars. But surely you are not on Deimos."

The girl lauged. "No. My Father and mother are very interested in astronomy and space travel so they called me Deimos. What can I do for you?" Mark told her where he was and what he wanted.

"Well," said Deimos I am so pleased to hear from someone at Space School. I hope I might be able to go there some day! I remember the space station crash. In fact I have looked at the information many times and I simply cannot understand it. They said that a young boy was to blame for wrecking the space station but it seems to me that the space capsule was coming up too fast. Now I'll show you what I think this shows."   Deimos showed them her drawing.

Picture of Deimos                                             Drawing by Deimos


 "Now here is the capsule approaching the space station. When it got to the place marked 1 its computer said, 'Approaching too fast.' At position 2 it said, 'You are approaching too fast. You cannot slow down enough to avoid a crash so change direction.' At position 3 it said, 'Emergency! You will crash in 20 seconds. Change direction! Change Direction! Change Direction!'

 Now the space capsule did change direction. This saved the lives of those on board but it did not miss the space station altogether and some of the station panels were damaged. I don't think it was the pilot who made the capsule change direction. Whoever did it used one of the smaller steering rockets, not the main steering rocket. Perhaps it was a young boy who did this."

"That must be what happened," said Michael. "Thank you! Thank you very much!"

Shall I send you all the data on my computer?" said Deimos. No. Please wait until I get my Dad. He's the Head of the Space School."


 About 2 minutes later Mr Jones appeared on Mark's mini computer. "Well done Mark!" he said, "and Thank you very much Deimos. I am sure that your drawing is correct and that my son is not to blame for what happened. If you will let me have the data from your computer we will get some experts to look at it. We should have a result soon. Once again, Well done and thank you both."



Two hours later Mr Jones phoned back. "I have some news," he said. "I spoke to Commander Hurst and told him the we have the record of what happened to the space station. He did not want to be taken to a police station and he said, 'I'm sorry. I was to blame. I was drunk. What Deimos says is true and Michael was not to blame for the accident. In fact he steered the space capsule away and prevented a much worse crash.'

 I think Michael will be able to get permission to go into space and I hope they will be able to do the operation which will mean that he can walk again."

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