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Mark Goes to Space School 10 

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Four men came and picked up Philip carefully and put him on a trolley.  Mark saw that the trolley was on rails like a train. “It is made like this so that we can move the patient without him feeling any bumps,” said the ambulance man. 

As they came up to the hospital, a door opened and the trolley was moved inside. “Would you come this way,” said the ambulance man. “Just sit here for a few minutes and a doctor will come and speak to you.”

 Mark was very worried. He picked up a hospital magazine. It told of someone who had lost a leg. The scientists had been able to grow him a new one and  sew it back on. He had been in  the Olympic games and won a gold medal. Surely if they could do that they could make Philip better! 

 A few minutes later the doctor came and spoke to Mark. 

“I think we can make Philip better,” he said, “but we need to take some skin from you. We have checked your records in the computer and your skin is the right kind for Philip. 

This means that you will have to stay with us for a month. You will probably have to come back here two or three times in the next year. "

" I am afraid this means that you will probably have to leave space school.  Will you do this?”

Mark was very upset. It was Philip’s own fault for trying to get him into trouble. Why should he give up space school?  Then he thought of his uncle and aunt. They were Philip’s parents. They would be very upset if he did not help. “What can I do ?” thought Mark. Can I phone my teacher at school?"said Mark.   "Yes, You can certainly do that," said the doctor.

 Mark picked up the phone.  "Hello Mark, said Mr Rockingham, "How is Philip?"  

"They think they can make him better but they will need some of my skin and if I agree I will have to stay in hospital for a month and come back two or three times in the next year.  I think I might have to leave space school and I would hate to do that. I don't know what to do."

" I know it is difficult, said Mr Rockingham, "but I don't think it would be right to let Philip die. I know he has been rotten to you but I don't think he is wicked. "








  "He has been a very naughty boy. I was just thinking I would make him scoop all the water out of Loch Ness with a teaspoon as a punishment. What happened to him is far worse than that." 

Mark thought about Philip looking very cross as he scooped  and he began to laugh.  "Now I know this is not easy for you," said Mr Rockingham, "but provided you recover fully, we will certainly welcome you back at space school." 

 "Right", said Mark, "I will do what they want." 

A few minutes later, a nurse looked in. "Philip has asked specially to see you, Mark."

Philip was looking much better but he looked at Mark sadly. "I am sorry I have been rotten to you Mark and I have heard what you are going to do for me." "You will not have to leave space school, will you?"  Of course not," said Mark." 

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