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"You are now at the Border with England" said the computer. "Before you cross you must say what part of England you plan to visit."


 Philip looked very puzzled. “I cannot understand why they do not let us cross the border,” he said.  

“Because we are going in the wrong direction. “We should be travelling North and you have told the car to travel South!” said Mark.  Philip said nothing. he looked as if he was going to cry. 

“Give me the map,” said Mark. I will make a plan to take us from here to New Glen.”

 He pressed the keys on the car’s computer. The computer spoke back, “Newcastleton to New Glen school Via Glasgow. You should get there by 5.0pm.”

“We are going the wrong way,” said Philip and we will be late.  

“Yes," said Mark, " We are going a long way round because the road through Edinburgh is busy by now. If you tell the computer what you want at this time of day it may send you the long way round.”

“We will be very late,” said Philip. We will get into trouble and I will tell them that you are to blame.” 

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