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Space Story 4

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spacestory 4.1.mp3

picture of computer telling of accident 

  Mark pressed the Start button and the car set off North West. Since the roads around Edinburgh were very crowded they would have to go via Glasgow. When they had nearly reached Glasgow the car stopped.

The car’s computer spoke. Click the sound bar below 

 to hear what it said.


"There has been a serious accident further along the road so you will have to wait for 2 hours. Would you like me to play some music or perhaps you would like a game of chess. You can play each other or I can play you both at the same time if you like."

"Would you like a game Philip?" said Mark.


 "No I would not," said Philip. "We are going to be late and all you can think about is playing chess. It’s a stupid game. Why don’t you play the computer. Surely even you can beat a computer."

Mark knew that the computer was very good at Chess and Philip would not stand a chance if he played chess with it."

Mark began to play the computer but he did not seem able to think clearly.   Before long the computer said "Checkmate. I have won. Thank you for the game."

           picture of computer playing chess 

Philip grinned and looked very pleased. Soon the computer spoke again. "I am pleased to say we can move forwards again." Mark pressed the start button and they moved forwards more quickly this time. The car did not stop again but by the time they reached school it was half past six in the evening.

"Why are you boys so late? " said the Headmaster. "You had better explain Mark," said Philip. After you programmed the computer it took us all the way round via Glasgow."

"Well I hope you are better at finding the way when you are driving a spaceship," said Mr Jones. "We don’t want you landing on the wrong planet. Go and get ready quickly and get back here for seven o’ clock!"

  At seven o’clock all the boys went into the hall.  "Now I am not going to make you work very hard on the first day," said Mr Jones, "but I think you will all be excited to see this."

spacestory 4.4.mp3

picture of boy in bed 

He pressed a button on his desk and the boys found themselves inside a space ship. "No, this is not magic," said Mr Jones. The things that you see around you are not real. They are pictures produced by lasers. The pictures have been taken by cameras in a real spaceship."Mark noticed a boy lying on a bed in the spaceship. "Hello everyone!" said the boy. I am Michael Jones, Mr Jones’ son. I am not able to walk but I can join you here by laser. I am actually lying on my bed at home."

 "What a stupid idea to bring him here," said Philip. "Ouch, Mark kicked me . You should punish him for that Mr Jones."

 "He kicked you to warn you to stop being rude," said Mr Jones.      picture of Mark and Philip

"Well I am going to hit him back hard," said Philip who tried to punch Mark in the eye. Mark dodged and hit Philip on his arm. Two of the masters rushed forwards and pulled the boys apart.

"Take the boys outside, said Mr Jones. I will speak to them later. Mark and Philip were put in different rooms. "Now cool down," the master said 

Mark was very sad. He might have known that Philip would get him into trouble.


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