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Spacestory 6 

Mr Rockingham 

 Look said Calum, There's Rocket coming across. "I cannot see a rocket,"said Mark. "No. It's our house master Mr Rockingham," said James. "Rocket is his nickname.

Mr Rockingham knocked on the door. "Time for bed ," he said' "You three are going to sleep in the room next door and share it with Richard and John. Come through and I will show you.

Now this is Richard and this is John.

Picture of Richard and John  


They have been here a week already so they will be able to tell you everything.

The bunks in this room are like the bunks in a spaceship. You lie down and fasten yourselves in with these straps.  This thing goes on your chest and records your heart rate when you are asleep. We need to know that you can sleep well before we send you into space.  Your heart rate falls during the night.

You can select a ring tone to wake you up in the morning and you can have some music or a bedtime story. Set the computer for what you want."

Mark in bed 


 Mark got into bed. he selected "Scotland the Brave" as a ringtone and some music to help him sleep.

But he could not sleep. He was too excited so he asked the computer for a bedtime story. Mark was surprised because it seemed to him that the computer was going to sleep. It spoke more and more slowly and told the most boring story that he had ever heard, Now click the next sound bar to hear what it said.


"There was once a boy who was tired so he sat down on a seat. His father had painted the fence and he looked at it. His father was a very good painter and there were no bits that seemed brighter or darker than any other parts. After a while the paint got a bit drier."

spacestory 6.5.mp3

Mark began to feel very bored. He fell asleep and the next thing he knew was being wakened up by the computer playing "Scotland the Brave."

Richard and John were already awake but Calum and James were still asleep. "Did you sleep well?"said Richard. "Yes but I thought the bedtime story was very boring,"said Mark. 


Richard and John laughed and laughed. "It is called a bory. It is a boring story that is meant to make you go to sleep," said John.

By now Calum and James were awake too. "Did you listen to a bory too Calum?" said Richard.

"Yes. Mine was about someone who took a tortoise for a walk. It walked more and more slowly until I fell asleep. I wonder what happened to it in the end."

"I don't think anyone knows how any bory ends," said Richard. "They always fall asleep before the bory ends. Rocket said he would get us to write a bory in class. He said it has to have a beginning and a middle but if it is a good bory it does not need to have an end.2 All the boys laughed and laughed.

Boy walking with tortoise 


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