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Space story part 8

 "That’s Philip!" said James, "What is he doing on the roof?" "He’s opening the skylight," said John, "You can see right into the main computer room." Philip dropped something into the computer room. It fell into a computer.  The TV screen went blank for a moment and then some large writing appeared.



 Mr Rockingham and Mark with computer.

 "Mr Jones is a silly clot.

Signed Mark Smith"

"He’s trying to get me into trouble again," said Mark. "It’s not fair! He really is horrible! I don’t know what I can do."

"All right Mark!" said Mr Rockingham. I have seen what he is doing. It’s Philip who is in BIG trouble. I will just remove your signature in case someone thinks you wrote it.  I have never seen the thing that Philip used and I do not know how it works. I will leave the rest of the writing on the computer until I find out."

At that moment part of the roof fell in and Philip disappeared inside.

   Mr Rockingham’s phone began speaking. "Philip Smith has fallen in room 3. He has hit the ground very hard and could be badly hurt. A message has been sent to the Doctor. Please go and help."


 Mr Rockingham and the boys rushed out of the room and along the corridor towards room 3. They found Philip lying on the floor. He was breathing but he did not speak when Mr Rockingham spoke to him. Mr Rockingham opened a bag. "When you go on a space flight you will be carrying one of these," he said.

He put wires on Philip’s arms and legs. "These will tell us about his heart," he said. "Now I will clip this on his finger and this will tell us about the amount of oxygen in Philip’s blood."

He plugged another wire into a computer and it started showing a graph

This looks bad," said Mr Rockingham.

Next the Doctor arrived. He looked at the graph on the computer screen. "Philip looks very ill." he said, "I am going to send him to a special hospital in France.  We will send him by rocket ambulance."

                       Mr Rockingham and Mark . Philip on the floor. 

Graph on computer 


 A few minutes later the rocket ambulance arrived. It looked like a helicopter and it landed on the school field


"Now we must move Philip as carefully as we can," said the Doctor. "We will work together and push this special blanket under him. Now the ends of the blanket go over him and we bring them together like a coat. We will blow it up with air so he cannot move."

They carried Philip into the ambulance. "I will be with him," said the Doctor, "Would someone else go as well?

"I know that he has been bad to you, Mark," said Mr Rockingham, "but I would like you to go with him. He is your cousin."

 Mark said he would go.

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