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A boy meets Jesus and Andrew.

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This is the story of a young boy, The story is in the Bible but it does not tell us the boy's name.

We wil call him Jacob.

One day Jacob was on a message for his mother when he saw a crowd of people. He could see that they were listening to someone. He asked one of the men, "Who are you listening to?" The man said,"That is Jesus. He is telling us how to pray to God and how to live better lives."

"But I cannot see," said Jacob. "Let this boy move to the front," said the man. Some people moved to one side and let Jacob move to the front.

Suddenly a man moved forwards. The people all moved out of his way. Some of his fingers were missing and there was something wrong with his skin. "He's got leprosy," someone said. "It's a terrible skin disease. Do not touch him or you may catch it too."

The man with leprosy spoke to Jesus. He said,"I know you can cure me of this dreadful disease. Please help" Jesus put out his hand and touched the man. Everyone gasped. Surely this was very dangerous!

Jesus said, " I will.  Be clean." The man's fingers grew back and his skin looked healthy again. "It's a miracle! "said everyone.


Jacob thought a lot about Jesus and the next day he asked his mother if he could go and see Jesus again. "Yes,of course," said his mother, "but first we must make sure that you have something to eat."

She went to the oven and took out five loaves and gave him two of the fishes that were cooking. Jacob put them in a bag and went off.


Jacob saw many people all walking the same way. "We are going to see Jesus," they said. But Jesus was a long way away. They walked and walked and walked. By the time they found Jesus everyone was feeling tired and hungry.  Jacob remembered that he had bread and fish to eat. Then he heard Jesus say," These people are hungry. What can we give them to eat?" "Well I haven't very much but I will give my bread and fish to Jesus," he thought.  "I want to speak to Jesus but I cannot get near enough," he said.

Someone said,"Speak to that man over there. He is Andrew. He is Peter's brother. "

"Please, "said Jacob, "I have five loaves and two small fishes. Jesus can have those."  "Well, that is very kind, "said Andrew. "I will take you to Jesus." He spoke to Jesus and said, "This boy says he will give you his loaves and fishes but there must be thousands of people here. Surely this is not enough to feed all of them."  "Tell the people to sit down," said Jesus. He broke up the bread and fishes and handed all these to his disciples and they handed the food to the people

All the people had a good feed and when they had finished Jesus said, "Now gather up all the food that is left." The disciples did this and they filled twelve baskets with the food that was left.

Jacob understood that if we offer what we have to Jesus he will help us to do great things.

Andrew, Jesus disciple later became Saint Andrew. St. Andrew is the patron Saint of Scotland. St. Andrews day is the 30th of November.

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