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Sometimes the fishing boats sailed to Labrador which is on the east coast of Canada.


The map on the left

L= Labrador

S= Scotland

Labrador is to the West of us -across the Atlantic Ocean

The map on the right shows that Labrador is part of Canada.


 Wilfrid Grenfell landed there and he found that the people there were having difficult lives. Many of them were very poor. The stores which sold food to them sold it at very high prices. The people could not afford to buy very much food and they were almost starving. There were not enough doctors or nurses and there was no hospital. Wilfrid Grenfell went out to treat people who were ill. There were not enough schools. 

There are some things that Wilfrid Grenfell said which some people do not agree with but some people do. If we want to understand this there is something that we need to remember: Not all Christians have exactly the same ideas.

That is why there are different kinds of Churches: Church of Scotland, Scottish Episcopal Church, Church of England, Roman Catholic Church, Baptist Church, Evangelical Church, Methodist Church and many more.

Wilfrid Grenfell thought that the important thing was not the kind of Church that you went to but that you spent your life serving God and helping people.

He said,"It is almost impossible to believe it. But God Almighty wants our help, so Christ tells us"

Now there were many different kinds of Churches in Labrador and some of these had their own Schools. If you were a Roman Catholic you would go to a Roman Catholic School. If you belonged to the Church of England you would go to a Church of England School.

Now even today Christians still argue about whether it is better for children to go to different schools run by different Churches or if it would be better if they all went to the same school.

Wilfrid Grenfell thought that it would be much better if everyone went to the same school. He was afraid that those who went to one kind of school would dislike or even hate those who went to another. He set up schools which were for children from any Church.

By 1927 everyone knew about the good work that Wilfrid Grenfell had done and the King invited him to go to Buckingam palace. The King asked him to kneel and then touched him on the shoulder with a sword. He said, "Arise Sir Wilfrid Grenfell." He was now a Knight.



Wilfrid Grenfell retired in 1932. He had been helped by other people and they had paid for 6 hospitals, 4 hospital ships, 7 nursing stations, 2 orphanages, 2 large schools, 14 industrial centres, and a cooperative lumber mill.  

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