If you have not read about the coming of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost, read it now and this will help you to understand the story on this page.

A lame beggar healed. 

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Last week we learned how the Holy Spirit came to the disciples. Before this happened they had been very frightened and worried because they thought that they might be arrested and crucified. Now they were full of the power of God and they were very brave and told people about God and Jesus.

Picture of the Temple


 In this story Peter and John were able to perform a miracle because the Holy Spirit was with them and they were able to carry on Jesus' work.

Now Peter and John went to the temple at 3 in the afternoon. The temple was the Jewish Church and 3 in the afternoon was the time for people to go there to pray. The temple in Jerusalem has now been destroyed but we think it looked like the picture on the left.


There was more than one way into the temple grounds. One of the gates was called the Beautiful gate. At that gate sat a man who was begging. He had been born with something wrong. He was lame  and he had never been able to work. The only way he could get some money to live was to sit and beg.

When he saw Peter and John he said, " Can you please spare me some money?

Peter said, "Look at us." The man looked at Peter and John. He thought, "They are going to give me some money."

Peter said, "I do not have any silver or any gold but I will give you what I have. In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, rise up and walk." 

Peter took the man's right hand and helped him to get up. The man's feet and ankles had been weak but now they immediately became strong. He leaped to his feet. He walked into the temple, praising God for this miracle. 


He was so thrilled that he was strong that he was not content just to walk but from time to time he took a leap into the air.

The people who saw this were amazed. They knew that the man had not been able to walk and had sat begging at the gate of the temple. They stared at Peter and John and thought that they must be very powerful. Peter said, "Why are you staring at us as if it was our own power or goodness that made this man walk? God has done this. He is glorifying Jesus and showing that he is alive. This only happened because we have faith in Jesus." 

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