The Birth of Jesus: An angel appears to Mary

A young girl called Mary was engaged to a man called Joseph.  She lived in a town called Nazareth.  One day God sent an angel called Gabriel with a message for her.The angel said,"Greetings most favoured one. The Lord is with you."  At first she was very troubled but the angel said, "Do not be afraid because God has been very good to you." 

Picture of the angel with Mary

 "You will give birth to a son and you will call him 'Jesus'.  He will be great king and people will call him 'The Son of the most High God'. He will be King over Israel just as David was, but Jesus will be King for ever." Mary Knew that David had been one of the greatest kings of Israel.  

Mary said, "How can this be? I am very young and I am not even married yet."

 Gabriel said, "God's Holy Spirit will come to you and God's power will work with you so that you can give birth to Jesus. The Holy Spirit will be the father of the child.  Remember that your relative Elizabeth is to have a child soon and everyone thought she was too old to have a child.  God always keeps his promises and there is nothing he cannot do." This is  why Jesus will be called 'The Son of God'."

Mary said,"I am God's servant. I will do as He asks."

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Have a look at the crossword below.  if you want to download it then press print-screen to get  a photograph of the screen. Next open PAINT or another graphics program and press CONTROL C.

You may then clip the picture if you wish.

Crossword grid


3. The angel told Mary she would give ______ to a son
4. Name of the angel
8. The name of Mary's relative
10. When Mary saw the angel she was ______
12. There is __________ God cannot do
14. Name of young woman in story


1. Jesus was to be a great ________
2. Name of man she was to marry
5. The angel told her not to be _________
6. Her child was to be called ________
7. Name of the town in the story
9. "I am the Lord's ____________," said Mary
11. The _______ Spirit was to be the father of the child
13. Jesus was to be called the Son of the most High ______


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