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A boy that was forgiving and another boy who was not. 

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Picture of John

 Jesus said, "How happy are those that show mercy. Mercy will be shown to them."

This means that if somone does wrong to us we must forgive them. If we do this God will be ready to forgive us when we do wrong.

This is a made-up story of two boys. Someone did wrong to them. One of the two boys was ready to forgive but the other was not.

John had just returned to the changing room after a game of football. He put on his school jacket and noticed that something was wrong. It usually made a clinking sound because he had some money in his pocket. He put his hand into his pocket to check. The money was gone! " I seem to have lost my money," he said. "I'm sure the money was there when I went out."                                                                                              Picture of Cobra

Then another boy called "Cobra" spoke. His real name was Colin Brora  but all the others called him "Cobra."

"Mine's gone too" said Cobra. "If I find out who did this I'll kill him!" John felt angry too but he saw that Cobra was absolutely furious. He had a most terrible temper. He would sometimes hit out at other boys when little things annoyed him and he had once been taken to the police station after beating someone up. "Come on Cobra," said John." I'm sure they will find out who did this and we will get our money back.

 Picture of Mr Mondo

Don't start hitting anyone and get into trouble again." "Someone is going to be very sorry for stealing my money," said Cobra. "I hope he enjoys his trip to hospital in the ambulance."

The two boys told their teacher, Mr Mondo about the theft of the money and he said, "I have a plan. This is a powder which stains people's hands. If they get any of it on their hands it is almost impossible for them to get rid of the colour.

I'll put some of that powder on some money and if anyone takes it their hands will be stained a bright colour.

Now of course you must not mention this to the others or the thief will know about the trap."


At the start of the next games lesson Mr Mondo spoke to the boys. "It is very important that you do not leave any money in your jacket pockets because some got stolen last week. Oh, one boy is not taking any notice of what I have just said because I heard some money clink. Well, if he doesn't take care of his money he deserves to lose it! I'm not saying anything more."

Now all of this was part of the trick. The teacher knew that none of the boys would leave money in their jacket pockets when they had been warned not to but if the thief was there he would think someone had. He would start looking in pockets and find the money with the powder on.

 Picture of powder being sprinkled on money.                                                                                     Picture of old jacket.

 When the boys went out Mr Mondo took out one of the jackets and put an old jacket in its place.

He put on some plastic gloves. He sprinkled the powder on some money and dropped the money into the pocket of the old jacket.




  When the boys came back from the game the master watched carefully until he saw one boy who had brightly coloured hands. " Come with me," he said quietly.

Picture of Micheal

 The next day the master sent for John and Cobra and they went to see him. Another boy called Michael was with him. "Now Michael," said the teacher. "I know you have something to tell these two boys."

"I'm very sorry I took your money," said Michael. "I'll pay you both back as soon as I can. You see I borrowed some money from Basher Beltem and I could not pay it back. He said that if he did not get it back by today he would beat me up." Michael looked as if he would burst into tears.

Go back to your class now, said Mr Mondo. "You two boys please stay.

Now I've looked into this and what Michael said is true. Barry Beltem did say he would beat him up and he was frightened. All the same Michael should not have done what he did. I gave him a telling off and I don't think he will do that again. Now is there anything else you want me to do? " "No," said John, "I think we must forgive Michael."

"You forgive him if you like, said Cobra. I'm not going to let him get away with that. People who do wrong things must be punished. "Well," said the teacher. I used to be a policeman and I have known some bad boys and some very bad boys.

If the bad boys get a fright they never steal again. The very bad boys usually do. Michael is not even a bad boy. This has happened because he was silly and borrowed money he could not pay back. I really do not think he will be in trouble again."

"If you don't give him a really severe punishment," said Cobra, "I'm going to the police."

"Very well," said the teacher, "Micheal stole your money and I will do as you wish. I will write to Michael's parents and he will have extra homework every night for the next ten days." Cobra looked very pleased but John looked very unhappy.

Now a month later John and Cobra had almost forgotten about the money. They were playing in front of the school with a large ball. The ball bounced off a wall and hit a window. John and Cobra were suprised that it did not break.

When they looked around they saw that Mr Mondo was watching them. "You boys both know that it is against the school rules to play with a ball in front of these windows. Don't you?" "Yes." they both said together.

"John, You are not to do this again. Do you understand? " "Yes", said John

" Colin, you are in detention for an hour." "But Sir," said Cobra," Why have you put me in detention and not John?"

"Well John forgave Michael and you would not. You said that people who do wrong things should be punished". You did wrong and broke a school rule so I am only doing what you said should happen."

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