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Space Story Part 1

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 Mark was sitting in class in school. His teacher was Mr Thompson.

Picture of Mark


"Now," said Mr Thompson, "Let’s think about what jobs you are going to do when you grow up.

Yes David." "I’m going to be a pop star." "But you can't sing," said John. "Well," said Mr. Thompson, "Your voice will change."

"What are you going to do, Philip?" "I’m going to be a footballer and play for Scotland."

"You could certainly do that," said John, "They’re hopeless!"

"I would like to see you playing against them John. They would beat your team 100 to nil."

"Be quiet!" said Mr Thompson, "I do not want you having an argument."                                                                                                                      Picture of Mr Thompson



 "What do you want to do Mark?"

"I would like to be a spaceman."

"You should be able to do that," said Philip. "There’s plenty of empty space in your head."

"That is enough!" said Mr Thompson. Mark has done much better than you.

 He is a clever lad and I wouldn’t be surprised if ............. Philip! Did you throw that paper aeroplane?"

"No, it’s a spaceship for Mark."

"Philip! See me after school!"


 Picture of Philip



The next day was the start of the Spring holiday and Mark forgot about how Philip had been nasty. Then half way through the holiday Mark came into the house. "Your Father has a letter that you will be interested in," said his mother. " He is playing with your younger brother in the living room." Mark went straight in. "Mark," he said "You remember you told me you wanted to be a spaceman?"                      

                                                                                    Picture of Mark's father and brother

"Yes," said Mark. "Well, I have a letter here which says that there is going to be a special school for boys who want to train to be spacemen." "They are asking if you want to go." "You bet!" said Mark. "Can I go at the end of the holidays?" "Not at the end of these holidays," said Dad. "There may be hundreds of boys who want to go and you will have to sit a test to get in.

Your teacher says you have been doing very well at school and he thinks you are good enough. Now the space school is a boarding school and you would live away from home for a term at a time. Do you think you could do that?" 

"Would you send me e-mails?" said Mark.

"Yes, ... and we could speak to you on your mobile, but you would live in school and sleep in a dormitory with the other boys. It would not be like living at home. "

 "I would not like to be away from home but I would do it if I could become a spaceman! I would miss you and Mum." Picture of Headmaster


"We would miss you too," said Dad, "But if you really want to do this we will try and help."

A little later when Mark was back at school, Mr Thompson said, "Mark, I want you to come with me. The Headmaster of the Space School wants to meet you." 

Mark was excited but he was also puzzled. Surely the headmaster of the space school had not travelled over 100 miles to meet him. Mr Thompson took him to a room next to the office. He said, "This room is set up so you can see a 3D image of the space school Headmaster. It's the first time we have used this equipment so I hope it works. " He switched it on.

  Mark could hardly believe it. There was the space-school headmaster sitting at a desk in front of him.

He spoke, "It's not really me. It's my image so it looks as if I am in the room with you.  At space school there is a 3D image of you in my  office.  It is just as if we were in the same room."

Mark tried to keep calm. If only he could answer the Headmaster's questions he might get to space school.


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