Psalm 25

The Book of Psalms is found in the Bible.  It is really a book of hymns and prayers and it was written before the time of Jesus. Some of these were written by King David. Many Jews felt that he was one of their greatest kings.

 You may already know Psalm 23  "The Lord is my Shepherd."  In fact you have probably sung it. A translation of it is in our hymn book. The next time you sing it remember that it was written more than 2000 years ago.

If you look through the book of psalms you will see that different psalms were written about different topics. 

Our prayers.

Some people find it helpful to think of headings when they say their prayers.

  • Remember that God is great. Think  of all the stars in the sky.  The universe is so big that it  takes years for the light to come to us from the stars
  • Thank you God :Remember that God has given us plants which supply us with food, animals as pets, other people who may be our friends.
  • Sorry: Think of the things we have done wrong. When we say "Sorry" God will forgive us.
  • Help: Ask God to be with us when times are bad or when we are ill

If we want we can put these headings on a piece of paper.    

Prayer template

psalm25puz.rtf psalm25puz.rtf
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Download the puzzle by clicking the file on the left.  You can also see it if you scroll down.

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