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Picture of Philip and the Ethiopian.

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This story shows how the Holy Spirit guided Philip and showed him what God wanted him to do. 

 If you have not read about how the Holy Spirit came at Pentecost  click Pentecost.

Philip was one of the Apostles and the Holy Spirit came to him at Pentecost.

Philip was walking towards the road which leads from Jerusalem to Gaza.  He saw a carriage coming along. In the carriage was a man from Ethiopia. 

He was a very important man in Ethiopia where he was in charge of the Queen's treasure. He was reading aloud from the prophet Isaiah. The Holy Spirit said to Philip, "Go up to the carriage." 

Philip went up to the carriage and said to the man, "Do you understand what you are reading?"

The man said " No. How can I understand unless someone will give me the clue."



He asked Philip to get into the carriage and sit beside him. The passage the man was reading was this," He was led like a lamb to be killed.  Like a sheep having its wool cut off he made no sound. He was made to look unimportant and no one did anything to help. He did not go on living in the world and he had no children." "Now," said the man. "Please tell me if the prophet who said this was writing about himself or about someone else."

Now Philip knew that the prophet Isaiah had been writing about what would happen to Jesus when he was crucified.  He explained this to the man who  wanted to become a Christian when he heard this. As they went along the road the man said, "Look! Here is some water. I would like to be baptised now."  In those days a person would go right down into the water to be baptised and the water would be poured over their head. Philip took the man into the water and poured it over his head.  When they came out of the water Philip went away and the Holy Spirit guided him to a place called Azotus where he started preaching. The Ethiopian went happily on his way. 

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