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Once upon a time there were some lobsters. They should have been very happy because there was plenty of food for them to eat but they were greedy.  

If they had shared their food there would have been plenty for each of them but they fought each other for every scrap of food that they could find. 





As they fought they snapped at each other with their nippers. Pieces were broken off their shells until they looked a dreadful mess. 





One day they found a tin ot treacle. Someone had thrown it into the sea. The lid had come off and all the treacle was coming out.  





The lobsters tasted it and they thought it was good. They took it in their nippers and pushed as much as they could into their mouths. After a while they felt so full  that they lay down and went to sleep. 





When they had woken up they found that they could hardly move because all their joints were stuck together with treacle. After trying very hard they managed to walk about and to open and shut their nippers but they could not bend their nippers around to put food into their mouths.

One of the smallest lobsters began to cry.

After a time a bigger lobster began to feel sorry for it. The big lobster took some food into its nippers and and put it into the baby lobster's mouth.

When the other lobsters saw this they knew that they need not be hungry if they fed each other. 

They did not fight any more but helped each other to feed.


After a while the sticky treacle came off the lobsters' legs and nippers and they could feed themselves but by now they were all friends. They shared their food and never ever fought again.

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