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The Coming of the Holy Spirit. 

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After Jesus was crucified the disciples were very upset because they thought that everything that Jesus had been working for, and everything that they had been hoping, for was lost. They were also very frightened. They thought that the people who had arrested Jesus might come and arrest them too.

Then Jesus appeared to them and showed that he was alive. He did not just appear to them once but he did this several times and on one occasion he actually cooked a meal of fish for them. But then the time came for him to go up to heaven and he told them to wait until power was sent to them.

By this time Judas Iscariot was dead and a man called Matthias had been chosen to take his place so once again the number of Apostles was 12.

Picture : Little flames of fire come down on the Apostles.

pentecost 1.2.mp3

 Now, one day, all the 12  Apostles had gathered together for a Jewish feast, called the feast of Pentecost.  Suddenly there was a load noise. It sounded like a very strong wind. Then there appeared little flames of fire.  These settled on each of the Apostles. 


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The Holy Spirit had come down to them.   They felt that God was with them and there was no need to be frightened any more. They went out into the street and began to tell the people about Jesus.

Now at that time many people had come from the countries round about for the feast of Pentecost.

There were people from Greece, Rome, Libya and many other people. Many of them were Jews but some of them were Proselytes. The Proselytes were not Jews but they had decided to take up the Jewish religion.   When the disciples spoke, all these people heard them speak in their own language and they were amazed

Many people like to think of the coming of the Holy Spirit as the day the Church was born. When Jesus lived on earth many people did become his disciples but after the Holy Spirit came these people went out and told others about Jesus and about God. Some of  the people who heard them became Christians and in turn they told others.  At first some of the Roman Emperors tried to stop people becoming Christians and some Christians were put to death.   But these people had the Holy Spirit to make them brave too and the spread of Christianity could never be stopped.


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