The Parable of the Great Feast

Jesus told this parable. "There was once a man who wanted to give a great feast.  He invited some guests and then made sure that everything was prepared.

Then he told his servant to go to the guests and tell them that it was time to come. The guests made excuses. One said to the servant, 'I have just bought a field and I must go and look at it so I cannot come Please accept my apologies.'

Another said,'I have just bought a team of five pairs of oxen and I am going to see how well they can work. Please accept my apologies.' Another man said, ' I have just got married so I cannot come.'

When the servant told his master about this he was furious. He said.' Go into the streets and alleyways of the town to poor people, cripples, blind people and those that are lame and bring them in.''

When the servant had done this he said to his master, 'your order has been carried out but there is room for more.'

His master said, 'Go on to the roads and lanes of the countryside and invite more people to come in. 

Not one of those people that I invited at first will taste my dinner.'"

Who were the people in this Parable?  The person giving the feast represents God. When Jesus came he was the first person taking out the invitations to the feast. Some people refused to come so others were invited and were very pleased to come.  The invitations are still being sent out. Everyone who tells someone else about God is taking out an invitation.

Great Feast Crossword. You can also download this crossword.

The clues are in the order that you will find the words in the story.

  1. These are the words that you will need: blind, crippled, dinner, excuses, feast, field, furious, guests, lanes, married, more, order, oxen, poor, servant,streets

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