If you have not already done so, Read the Story of Mary first

This story is about Joseph who worked as a carpenter
Mary was engaged to be married to Joseph but she was told by the angel Gabriel that she was going to have a baby son. The Holy Spirit was going to be the father of the baby
Joseph always tried to do what was right.
He did not know if it was right to marry Mary because he would not be Jesus' father.
In a dream an angel came and told him that the Holy Spirit would be Jesus' father and that it was alright for Joseph to marry Mary
The angel told Joseph that Mary would give birth to a son and that he should be called Jesus. The angel said that Jesus would save his people from their sins.
Joseph obeyed the angel and married Mary. When the boy was born, Joseph named him Jesus.
Sometimes Jesus is called " Immanuel" which means "God is with us." 

You may click on this picture which provides a link to  the Joseph slides on the freebibleimages website 

In addition to the slides you may also download the story planner which gives a commentary

To download the crossword below press (print screen) Then open paint and press control c (Edit-paste)

Joseph crossword grid

Clues across

4 Joseph worked as a __________________

5 He tried to do what was _________ and obey God
7 Jesus would save his people from their _______
8 A word that means "God is with us."

9 Joseph was engaged to __________
 1.Mary was going to have a baby ______
2 Joseph was a descendant of a great king called ________

6 In a dream Joseph saw an _________

3 Joseph was told to give the baby the name of _________

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