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 Hello everyone. My name is Timothy. I grew up in a place called Lystra. My mother and Grandmother told me about God and taught me to read the scriptures, that is God's word.
One day a man called Paul came to Lystra and told me more about Jesus. He invited me to go with him on his travels.

But now Paul has been arrested and put in prison. he has not done anything wrong but he would not stop telling people about Jesus and his enemies put him in jail. He wants me to go on telling people about Jesus but I am worried. I do not know if I am clever enough and I am frightened they might put me in prison too.


 Paul has written a letter to me. The letter is not written on paper but on a scroll of papyrus. A scroll does not have pages but you roll it from one side to the other.  I will tell you some of the things that Paul has written.
I mention you in my prayers."
Paul knows how difficult it is for me. He is asking God to help me.




 "Use the strength that comes from God."
He is telling me to keep on telling people about Jesus. He knows that I will have a difficult time and that I will probably be in great danger.  He says that God will give make me strong and brave.




 "Stand by the truth".
Paul says that whicked men will tell lies and try to harm Christians.  He is asking me to stick by the truth.



This is the second letter that Paul wrote to Timothy. We can read it in the New Testament of the Bible

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