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Elisha helps a Family: Puzzle Answers. 


In this puzzle the clues are in groups.  There are dashes to show how many letters there are in each answer.  All the answers in each group have one letter which is the same.  Its position is shown by a red dash. _

The first group is done for you.


This is a s t o r y from the Bible.


It is about a p r o p h e t


The first answer is s t o r y.   The o takes the place of the red dash.


The second answer is prophet.  So again an o goes in the place of the red dash.


The rest of the clues are for you to solve.


Second group of clues.


The name of the prophet was E l i s h a

We read about him in the Old T e s t a m e n t


He helped the four members of a f a m i l y


Third set of clues.


This was made up of a father, a mother and two s o n s.

They decided to b o r r o w some money.

The father thought he would w o r k hard to make enough money to pay back.


Fourth set of clues.


This did not work out because the father d i e d.

The creditor said that if he did not get his money he would take the two sons as s l a v e s.

They asked Elisha to help and he asked if they had anything to s e l l


Fifth set of clues

All they had was a small p o t  of oil.

Elisha told them to borrow as many vessels as possible from their

 n e i g h b o u r s.


Sixth set of clues.

They poured oil from the pot into the vessels until they were full but the pot did not become e m p t y

Elisha told them to sell the oil and use the money to p a y the creditor.

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