Mary Slessor 2 Word Puzzle  Answer.

In this puzzle the clues and answers are grouped. The dashes show how many letters go in the answer. The coloured dash has the same letter for every answer in the group .


1. Mary decided to become a teacher in the Sunday school. She also helped at a mission.


2. In that part of the city of Dundee many housewere  draughty.


3. Some had a roof that leaked and people caught coughs and colds.


4. Some people had illnesses which were worse and some of them died.

Sometimes the father of a family spent all his money on  beer and got drunk.


5. Some people did not go to Churc because they could not afford to buy good clothes.


6. Sometimes Mary would go out into the street and start telling people about Jesus


7. This was dangerous because they could have been beaten up and badly hurt. Sometimes people threw mud. 


8. The leader of a gang had a lead weight on a piece of string. It looked as if it might hit Mary on the head.


9. When the leader saw that Mary was being very brave he came in and  listened to what she had to

say .


10. He stopped being a bully and got a good job. He got  married and they had



11. He sent Mary a photograph of his family and when Mary was in Africa she kept it on the wall of her bush house.


12. Another bully used a whip to try and make people go into the meeting but he would not go in



13. Mary persuaded him to come in. He listened to her and became a christian.


14. Sometimes Mary took her class of boys into the country.

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