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David Livingstone 2 crossword answers

This word jumble is like a crossword but a few othe words can also run up and across or down and across

1 down David wanted to spend his life serving ________

2. across: He decided to become a ___________

3 down: He worked hard and passed his exams to become a minister and a ________

4 across: He listened to a missionary called Robert Mofatt who had been to ______ 

5 across: Dr Moffat said that he watched the ________ from fires in the villages.

6 down : David's mother and _______ were pleased that he was to become a missionary but sad that they would not see him for a long time.

7 across: When the people of Africa found that David could cure them from illness they thought he was a _________

4 down: David studied the plants and __________ in Africa.

3 across: He also studied the _________ of Africa and tried to think of ways that they could be prevented

8 across: The people of Africa were so poor that they sometimes sold their own people as _________

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