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The Story of Jonah Part I

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 God said to Jonah. "The people of the city of Nineveh have been doing some very bad things. I want you to go to Nineveh and tell them that they must behave better."

But Jonah thought, "I do not want to do that. If I go to Nineveh and say that everyone will laugh at me. If I do not go God will keep on bothering me.  I know what I will do. I will run away. I will get as far away as I can and then God will not be able to bother me." He ran away to Joppa.


 When Jonah reached Joppa he thought. "I wonder if this is far enough. " Then he saw a boat and said, "That boat is going to Tarshish. I will pay my fare and go there. Surely if I get as far away as that God will not be able to bother me"



 "Wake up Jonah!", The Captain  said. "We are in the middle of a hurricane. We have thrown our cargo overboard to lighten the ship. Each one of us has prayed to his god but it has not made any difference. Now I want you to pray to your God. Who is he anyway?."


"He is the Lord God who made the sea and the land," said Jonah.

He made the sea and the land?" said the Captain, "Is he doing this to us?" Have we done something to annoy him?"

"It's all my fault," said Jonah. I did not do what God told me. You must throw me overboard and the storm will stop."

"We cannot do that," said the Captain. "Come on, Pull everyone and we will get the boat to shore."

"It's not doing any good," said Jonah. You will have to throw me overboard. "

2I am terribly sorry," said the Captain. "Throw him in."



" Well, I have done the right thing,"thought Jonah, "because the storm has stopped, but how am I going to get to shore? I do not think I can swim that far. 

 Help! There is a huge fish swimming towards me. I think it is going to eat me."



" What has happened now? It has gone dark and my skin hurts. I know where I am. I am inside the fish and I am being digested. There will be none of me left. Please, God, Get me out of here."

" It's gone light again. I am back on dry land.I am safe. I could not have been inside the fish but yes, It's there. It is turning to swim away."


"Jonah! Go to the city of Niniveh and tell the people to stop being bad."


"Yes, God. I have no choice. I will do it."

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